UNTIL DECEMBER 31st 2019 ONLY - Purchase pre-sale items for added value!

Frequently Asked Questions


Where will you be located?

We will be located in Fredericton, NB. Currently we are not able to announce the exact location, but plan to do so soon.

When do you open?

We are planning to open in the Fall of 2019!

Is there an age limit?

Our facility will welcome patrons of all ages. We will have activities for the little ones 4 feet and under, as well as exciting challenges and elements for youth, adults and the adventurous seniors.

What are the Height and Weight restrictions?

- Sky Tykes (kids aerials) and Toddler areas will be for children 4 feet and under

- Aerials course with an adult is 42"-48". Those who are 48" or taller are free to go alone. Max  

  height is 6'5", Max weight is 280 lbs

- Climbing walls and Vertical Drop Slide will have a minimum of 40 lbs and max of 285 lbs  

Are the 3 day Pre-Sale passes 3 random or consecutive days?

The 3 day pass is for 3 individual days that are not required to be consecutive. Due to it being a special pre-sale pass they will expire 12 mths from the first day we officially open.

This pass gives the user all day access with the exception of pay per use items like Virtual reality games. Passes are valid for 12 mths from date of opening. These will not be available once officially open. 

Will you be offering military discounts and family packages?

Yes we will be providing military discounts as well as discounts for first responders. 

Family packages/memberships will also be offered but the final details have not been determined. We will update our website and email our contact list as soon as more information is available.